Atlantium UV Saves Time & Money

Protects RO filters

  • SBS is a source for sulfate bacteria and makes an ideal environment for anaerobic microorganisms, creating slime on the RO membranes
  • Protects the RO filters from microbial contamination, lengthening RO filter life and reducing its maintenance burden

Protects against bio-fouling

  • Protects EDI (Electro De-Ionization) modules from bio-fouling, reducing its maintenance burden
  • Protects chlorine-sensitive equipment

Non-chemical solution

  • Non-chemical dechlorination - no bulky chemicals that need special logistics for storage and disposal
  • Reduced chemical use means reduced pipe corrosion

Prevents microbial contamination

  • Traditional Dechlorination methods such as activated carbon (AC) filters, sodium bisulfate (SBS) and others create an ideal environment for microorganisms to thrive, raising the cost of the battle against microbial contamination
  • AC requires frequently-scheduled maintenance procedures such as hot sanitation and backwash