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What our Customers Say About Us


“We are very happy with the Atlantium UV water disinfection system that we installed in our Rheinfelden plant.

It is doing an excellent job of ensuring microbial integrity for all our production water, and it provides us with great tools for monitoring and reporting”

Christian Hoch
Leiter Production Brauereien, Feldschloesschen


“The decision to disinfect water was prompted by fluctuations in the quality of the incoming water, for which up to 80 CFU/ml were recorded for each water sample analyzed.  Although this lies within the allowable range stipulated by the regulations governing drinking water in Europe, the water was not deemed to be of acceptable quality by the brewery.

Atlantium was chosen due to a very positive referral from a trusted brewery.  Additionally, UV technology offers the opportunity to treat water without using chemicals.  Since the Atlantium units have been in operation, no more than 2-3 CFU/ml have been found in the samples collected.  This alone has convinced the brewery of the effectiveness of the system”

Manager of Major European Brewery