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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Very stable system which doesn’t need a lot of attention from the operator. Very simple control procedures. Fully automated process of control for all parameters of the Atlantium system. Very reliable system for solving tasks in water treatment for plants.”

Mr. Igor Agafonov, QA Manager PepsiCo, Domodedovo, Russia

“Major health, safety and maintenance benefits have been achieved by not having to store and handle large quantities of chemicals. Process water purity has been enhanced and corrosion of machinery affected by chlorine has been reduced. The system completely lives up to our expectations, performing reliably and making it particularly simple to budget CIP and lock in maintenance costs each year.”

Mr. Mick Williams, Maintenance Supervisor, Coca Cola Amatil (SPC Ardmona)

“Implementation  of the Hydro-Optic Disinfection technology for water generated very good results which exceeded all expectations of the company’s experts.  In particular, the regular water sampling conducted over a three-month period indicated that, following hydro-optic disinfection, the Total Microbial Counts in 100ml of water is practically equal to zero, while the inbound TMC factor may reach 100 CFU/100ml and more. We can see, therefore, that the use of this equipment facilitated a critical rise in the microbiological indicators in water that had passed through carbon filters, and that it has also considerably reduced the costs of their service.”

Mr. Pavel Repin, QA Manager, Coca Cola HBC Eurasia