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Quick ROI

Save energy costs

  • Replace heat pasteurization – Atlantium meets FDA criteria for pasteurized equivalent water.
  • Use 3kW/hr instead of 157kW/hr needed for heat pasteurization
  • Use warm treated cow water for heat exchange
  • Atlantium UV fiber-optic principles recycle UV light photons to maximize efficiency while minimizing energy use
  • Replacing chlorine with Atlantium UV treatment requires less aggressive steam cleaning of carbon tower and saving on the chlorine removal process
  • Reduces RO membrane energy flux by inhibiting membrane biofilm growth
Save water costs
  • Recycle your water: Atlantium-treated water meets US FDA.PMO cow water criteria for reusing water in the process line
Low operational/maintenance burden
  • Atlantium UV water treatment systems require fewer UV lamps than other UV systems to achieve the same dose
  • Fully automated system means lower manpower costs
  • Push-of-the-button compliance reports
  • Quick & easy lamp replacement (4 minutes)
  • Repurpose pasteurized water storage tanks
  • Lengthens RO membrane lifespan and reduces their maintenance burden by inhibiting biofilm growth
Clean green dechlorination without chemicals
  • On-demand dechlorination quickly and efficiently
  • No hazardous materials storage and disposal