Dual Sensors Configuration

Ensuring the minimum required UV inactivation dose is delivered by the system is crucial in order to achieve effective UV disinfection. UV dose is dependent upon three parameters:

A. Lamp status and intensity

B. Water UV transmittance (UVT)

C. Flow rate

To ensure the required UV dose is applied, the abovementioned parameters must be measured separately in real-time. The system's dual sensor configuration measures direct lamp output of each individual lamp using proprietary Light Source Monitors (LSM). Water Transmittance Monitors (WTM) are positioned along the UV system for accurate, continouse, real time measurment of UVT. Together with an external signal from a flow meter the unique configuration measures the real dose in real time guaranteeing that what you see is what you get. i.e., the required UV inactivation dose displayed on the controller is actually being delivered. This is how the Atlantium UV systems are able to deliver the required UV dose, as well as constantly inform and alarm the user of the UV dose level and operation of the system. 


The Atlantium dual sensors configuration: direct measurment of the UV lamp by a dedicated LSM and an integrated online WTM


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