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Only Atlantium Medium Pressure UV Provides Real Biosecurity

Permanent microbial inactivation

  • Broad germicidal spectrum attacks different parts of the microorganism and destroys their repair mechanisms
  • There is no danger of microorganism repair that compromises your product later on 
  • Low Pressure UV cannot provide this protection
More efficient in virus inactivation
  • Medium Pressure UV uses much less energy than low pressure systems in virus inactivation 
  • Easily inactivates chlorine-resistant microorganisms like cryptosporidium & giardia
Effective in cold and warm water - unlike Low Pressure UV
  • Suitable for cow water
Fewer UV lamps needed
  • Fewer lamps means significant maintenance reduction 
  • In some cases, 2 or 3 Medium Pressure lamps can replace over 50 Low Pressure lamps


Atlantium Medium Pressure UV provides broad spectrum light of 200 to 415 nm wavelengths and therefore inactivates more microorganisms more efficiently.
Medium Pressure UV provides light of 200 to 415nm wavelengths, whereas Low Pressure UV is monochromatic and provides only 253.7nm light. Since different microorganisms are sensitive to different wavelengths, Medium Pressure UV inactivates more microorganisms more efficiently.