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Validated to US-EPA 4-Log Adenovirus Criteria

The only UV system validated to US EPA 4-log virus credit

  • Third-party validation by HDR/HydroQual
  • Full scale 5-log microbial and 4-log Adenovirus credit
  • Validated and proven using real Adenovirus - not an unproven surrogate
  • Fully accredited for FDA compliance for Pasteurized Equivalent Water
  • EPA-ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) 4-log Adenovirus credit water disinfection for RZ-200 unit
Accredited for US EPA groundwater and LT2 rules
  • Meet regulations – don’t be caught unprepared
  • Recognized in Pennsylvania, New York and more for 4-log virus
  • Accepted for 3-log virus in New Hampshire to avoid DPB's
  • Reduce DPB's - substitute Atlantium UV for chlorine
Easily inactivates chlorine-resistant pathogens
  • Such as cryptosporidium, giardia and pseudomonas
Two sensors per lamp ensure reliable measurement – all the time
  • Automated dose control triggers UV lamp adjustments in response to real-time changes in flow, water quality and lamp aging.
  • Accurate control algorithms self adjust as conditions change so that the unit always provides the minimum regulated dose for inactivating target microorganisms.
  • Most UV systems provide an average dose, meaning that not all the microbes receive the minimum required dose, and therefore cannot guarantee total water safety.
Automated sensor calibration
  • Automated calibration routines assure accurately calibrated sensor at all times
  • Simple UV intensity sensor and UVT analyzer calibration
  • Automated reporting of calibration-related information