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Non-Chemical Legionella Control

Atlantium Hydro-Optic UV can help utilities looking for an environmentally-friendly, non-chemical solution that poses no danger to the workers and the environment; utilities that want to reduce biofilms; utilities operating under restricted use of chemicals in cooling tower water; or utilities that need to reduce their chemical load to meet discharge rules while still meeting the Legionella-related rules.

Atlantium UV is designed to inactivate Legionellae. It can be used to replace chemicals entirely or to supplement a reduced chemical dose that is well within the regulations.

Medium Pressure high-intensity UV penetrates cell membranes, damages DNA and microbe repair proteins so they are unable to reproduce or recover downstream. It is also proven to significantly reduce biofouling potential by inactivating water-borne microorganisms that are highly resistant to chemicals and form robust biofilms. Apart from being Legionella habitats, biofilms impair heat transfer, cause formation of deposits in control valves and measuring cells and promote corrosion.

Atlantium's accurate dosing approach makes sure that you get an exact, cost-effective dose needed to reduce Legionella concentrations to within regulatory standards without wasting power by overdosing. The system automatically adjusts the dose to meet the standards even when there is a change in water quality.

Atlantium small-footprint inline systems can hook up to any cooling tower and provide efficient, cost-effective water treatment that self-adjusts to changing water quality. A robust, automatic solution with minimal maintenance requirements, it can be easily integrated with operational controls and remotely monitored.