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Non-Chemical Disinfection & Dechlorination to Protect RO and Demineralizer Treated Boiler Make-up Water.

Technology is evaluated which uses broad-spectrum ultraviolet (UV) lamps for the reduction of chlorine and disinfection.

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Long-Term Membrane Performance with Continuous Use of Hydro-Optic UV Dechlorination.

Plant Bowen, a coal-fired power station, in Cartersville, Georgia undertook a three-month evaluation of a non-chemical dechlorination process, using Atlantium Technology's Hydro-Optic (HOD) UV water treatment system to improve the overall quality of reverse osmosis (RO) feed water at the Plant.  

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Great Taste, No Chemicals
When your drinking water has won 2015 state and national AWWA taste awards, why change anything?
That was the question the Big Sky County (Montana) Water & Sewer District wrestled with last year before deciding to avoid chlorination and install a UV system to meet new disinfection requirements. Link to article download


Bringing UV into Dairy
The reuse of cow water for process line rinsing and flushing to achieve a significant reduction in potable water consumption was a primary goal for AgriMark-Cabot Dairy in Middlebury, VT. The Middlebury plant generates significant quantities of cow water as a byproduct of its whey production, which amounts to approximately 2,000 tons of wheyprotein concentrate and whey permeate daily. Link to article download

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The Emerging Water Crisis. Beverage manufacturers face dual threats of water contamination and shortages in every drop. As essential as it is for beverage manufacturing, water has long been taken for granted, both in terms of availability and quality.  This is changing, as droughts in California and chronic water shortages in other parts of the world begin to impact food industry profits.  US beverage manufacturers are also realizing the potential dangers they face from using municipal water, which may be contaminated with lead, chemicals, and microorganisms, as their primary ingredient and for plant cleaning and cooling.  And despite newly enacted EPA and FDA regulations, significant oversight gaps remain when it comes to water use in beverages.  Link to article download


How Reclamation is Dealing with Biofouling at Lower Colorado River Dams. Biofouling from invasive mussel species and their operational effects on the hydroelectric industry are profound.  The US Department of interior's Bureau of Reclamation discusses its actions to minimize this type of biofouling and methods it applies at affected Reclamation facilities.  Link to article download


Can Municipal Water Regulations Prevent Cross-Contamination? Food and beverage manufacturers and processors in the US operate on the premise that incoming municipal water is safe, and they will always receive notice of any anomaly in time to protect their processes and products in case of contamination.  Link to article


With a device that looks like it belongs in a James Bond movie, Atlantium was created by an inventor who learned about laser technology during his army service. Download full excerpt




Tecnología UV de media potencia de Atlantium para la desinfección de aguas industriales. Link to article

tl_files/cms_contents/News/In-the-news-logo/Power Engineering logo.png Hydro-Optic UV Technology for Boiler Feed Water Dechlorination.   Link to article
tl_files/cms_contents/News/In-the-news-logo/newtech.jpg "It is clear that the Israeli water sector has a lot to offer the [US] F&B market, in the areas of safe water, water reuse, water ratio and better sustainability": Rotem Arad, Head of Global Food & Beverage at Atlantium Technologies.  Link to article 
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tl_files/cms_contents/News/In-the-news-logo/water_online.gif Advanced Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit Provides first cost-effective uses for UV against biofouling  Link to article
tl_files/cms_contents/News/In-the-news-logo/cleantech_logo.jpg Dairy plants to disinfect water with UV systems  Link to article

Stricter FSMA rules for process water advocated by some Link to article

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Atlantium Technologies’ Hydro-Optic UV (ultraviolet) water treatment meets the latest FDA/PMO standards for pasteurized equivalent water and cow water reuse, enabling energy and water savings, with quick ROI

Pushing the Technological Frontiers Download article

Atlantium to Develop New Technology for Reverse Osmosis Membrane  Download article

UV vs. Biofilm. Download article

Old Technology with a New Twist. Download article

Exporting Israel’s Water Expertise: Technology aids Israel’s bottling efficiency. Download article

UV can be more than just a polisher: what EPA validation for UV reactors means for water bottlers and others. Download article
tl_files/cms_contents/News/In-the-news-logo/Mohawk-Valley.png Israeli company showcases UV water system in Mohawk. Download article