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Atlantium UV Next-Generation Dechlorination: No More Carbon Filters or Chemicals

Carbon filters and SBS (sodium bisulfate) create bio-fouling

  • Bio-fouling requires heavy maintenance
  • They provide an environment where microorganisms thrive 

SBS creates slime on the RO membranes

  • SBS is a source for sulfate bacteria and makes an ideal environment for anaerobic microorganisms to thrive 
Atlantium UV Protects RO membranes and lengthens their lifespan
  • Reduces Free-Available Chlorine (FAC) to undetectable levels
  • Proven to extend the life of RO membranes
  • Also protects EDI modules and other chlorine-sensitive equipment
Atlantium added value: high level disinfection
  • Reduces the potential for RO membrane bio-fouling
  • Reduces the risk of microorganisms in the hot water loop
  • USPW compliant: you don’t need additional disinfection


Measuring free available chlorine levels, using a colorimeter, in water treated by Atlantium UV, and untreated water.

Measuring free available chlorine levels in water using a colorimeter:

Pink bottle shows the trace chlorine in the water. 
Clear bottle shows there is no chlorine in the water after Atlantium treatment.