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Customer Services

Atlantium understands the value of first-class customer support and service, and has put together a dedicated team to look after our customers throughout all stages of the relationship.

An Atlantium application engineer can visit the customer site, learn all the issues and take water samples for analysis in our microbiology lab.  With all Atlantium departments under one roof, including engineering, R&D, software, microbiology and manufacturing, an interdisciplinary team of professionals contribute towards the optimum solution for each client.

An Atlantium technical support professional can commission the unit; make sure the unit/s are all working well; customize the user settings to integrate the Atlantium unit with existing processes; and educate the customer team in best user practices and how to achieve best results.  And it doesn’t end there… it is only the beginning.

Our Customer Services team is here to help with every customer request and to coordinate technical support with our support teams around the globe.

  • Technical Support
  • Spare Parts Quotations & Orders
  • Advice on Process
  • Expertise on Regulations
  • Water Research & Analysis
  • Pilot Projects


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E-mail Us: support@atlantium.com