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Technical Support

No matter where you are, we are always there for you with global support teams on standby for telephone, on-line or on-site support. 

Atlantium technical support engineers also have backup from an entire interdisciplinary team of professionals including the application engineers who set up the system, software engineers, regulatory experts, R&D engineers and microbiologists, all just a phone call away.

Be near your system so that Atlantium support can work with you in real time.
Have the relevant information about your Atlantium system available. This includes:

  • Model type (Rxxx SL or DL; RZxxx-xx)
  • Error message or other data that appears on your touch screen or
  • Type of malfunction recorded in the Event Logs

Contact Us:

North America

+1-800-596-2609 (toll-free)

Rest of the World: +972-2-999-9160