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Automatic Real-Time Monitoring & Control

Integrated software guarantees delivery of required UV dose

  • UV dose depends on 3 fluctuating critical parameters that need to be measured continuously: UV intensity + UV water transmittance + water flow rate.
  • The Atlantium system measures these data in real time.
  • The Atlantium control system automatically adjusts UV lamp power according to data feeds
  • Most systems provide an average dose, and not the minimum required dose, so that not all the microorganisms are inactivated.
  • The Atlantium unit provides the minimum required dose all the time
  • Built-in alarms prevent untreated water from entering the production line
Two sensors per lamp
  • The only system with two sensors per lamp, measuring the amount of UV emission from the lamp, and the amount of UV actually transmitted by the water (a measure of water clarity).
Continuous real-time documentation
  • Verifies disinfection levels for QA and regulators.
  • Push-of-the-button compliance reports
  • Data logging system tracks all key data