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Atlantium Uses Fiber-Optic Principles to Recycle UV Photons

Atlantium UV fiber-optic and hydraulic technologies recycle UV light photons and enable uniform UV dose distribution

Optimized UV efficiency
  • High-grade quartz water disinfection chamber surrounded by an air block uses a fiber-optic phenomenon known as Total Internal Reflection (TIR) to recycle light photons
  • UV photons emitted by the lamp cannot penetrate the air block and are repeatedly bounced back into the water (a phenomenon in fiber-optics known as total internal reflection)
  • UV light photons are distributed across the entire water volume so that all microorganisms are reached and inactivated
Reduced energy use
  • Increased efficiency for each UV photon means that less UV energy achieves the same results
Optimized hydraulics
  • Water flow is synchronized to match the pattern of UV light distribution
  • There are no parts, baffles or brushes in the water disinfection chamber to block UV photons from reaching microorganisms, or surfaces that could be subject to biofilms
Uniform dose distribution
  • Atlantium systems uniformly deliver the same UV dose throughout the disinfection chamber
  • The entire volume of water undergoes efficient disinfection and no microbes can escape full treatment