Hydro-Optic Disinfection [HOD] Technology

tl_files/cms_contents/industries/Aquaculture/Applications B2.pngUV has been used for water disinfection for many years with a variety of system types and technologies in use resulting in unreliable performance.  Atlantium Technologies decided to build a platform that can harness the advantages of medium pressure UV lamps, while overcoming the drawbacks of conventional UV technology which are: inadequate UV dose monitoring, the use of the “average” UV dose as a sizing method and multi-lamp configurations. 

How did we do it?

A. By being one of the first in the industry to fully use medium pressure lamps, which utilize the highly effective wide germicidal wavelength (200 - 400 nm).  This means that fewer UV lamps are needed and the broad germicidal spectrum attacks different parts of the microorganism more efficiently and destroys their repair mechanisms.

B. Employing dual sensor configuration in the chamber which allows accurate, real-time monitoring and elaborate control options.

C. Devising strict, third-party validated dose algorithms that enable precise sizing according to the Reduction Equivalent Dose (RED) which is the only way to ensure “total kill” of microorganisms.


The Atlantium RZ-Series: modular structure allows for installation flexibility while powerful medium pressure lamps and advanced control and monitoring provide water bio-security

The heart of the Atlantium system is a quartz disinfection chamber.  Leveraging on the ‘Total Internal Reflection’ principle, UV photons are trapped and forced to bounce repeatedly inside the quartz disinfection chamber, giving the light a longer path in which it can disinfect microorganisms within the system. The UV dose is distributed within the disinfection chamber in a uniform manner leading to a very high level of microbial inactivation. This unique configuration also contributes to a highly efficient use of power, with lower electrical consumption than traditional low-pressure-based UV systems.

In order to ensure the delivery of the required UV dose, Atlantium’s dual sensor configuration employs a dedicated UV sensor for each lamp (Lamp Status Monitor) and an integrated on-line UVT sensor (Water Transmittance Monitor). A state-of-the-art controller and control panel displays all mission-critical information, generates alarms and enables the system to respond in real-time to changes in UVT, flow, and lamp efficiency.


The EP-Series: high flow and low UVT capacities with minimal head-loss