NVI Type Approval


Atlantium receives final type approval from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI).




NVI 2016 Fish Health Report


Determine the required UV dose level

UV dose is the amount of UV-light energy that a microorganism is exposed to while corssing the disinfetion chamber of the UV systesm. UV dose is normally designated by the folliowing units:

mJ/cm2 [e.g. 40mJ/cm2

J/m2 [e.g. 400J/m2]

uWs/cm2 [e.g. 40,000uWs/cm2]

The UV dose level should be determined according to the purpose of the UV system. For example:

  • Do you need a UV system to protect your facility from  specific pathogen/s? if so, consult your UV provider or available literature about the required UV dose level for inactivation of the target pathogen.
  • Do you need a UV system for complying with regulations? consult the regulation guidelines for the required UV dose level.
  • Is it for the inlet, outlet or re-circulation of the facility? the application (or location) of the UV system might also influence on the UV dose level.