Control and Monitoring

tl_files/cms_contents/industries/Aquaculture/controller_transparent.pngAs UVT and lamp output are measured separately, the Atlantium system automatically adjusts lamp power when conditions fluctuate so that the minimum required dose set by the user is guaranteed to be delivered.This also contributes to efficient power  consumption as lamp power can vary between 25-100% according to the production stage and condition. The appropriate dose and operational mode are tailored by Atlantium’s team so that they meet our customers’ specific needs. A user-friendly touch screen panel provides the user with important operational information such as delivered dose, flow-rate and water UVT. In addition, it records each lamp’s total number of operating hours and can activate alarms if lamp intensity drops below the minimum set level. A remote control module enables the user to monitor and access the system when offsite. The data logging system enables traceability over time to monitor delivered dose, power consumption, UVT, flow rates and additional factors for secure production cycles.

tl_files/cms_contents/industries/Aquaculture/Control & Monitoring.png

The Atlantium advanced controller provides real-time accurate operation-critical information