Total Internal Reflection


The Atlantium Hydro-Optic Technology is based on Medium Pressure lamps which are shorter and more powerful than low pressure lamps. Medium Pressure lamps’ conversion rate (rate of converting electricity to UV light) is about one third of that of Low Pressure lamps and as such, many conventional UV systems which use Medium Pressure lamps are less energy-efficient than most conventional UV systems using Low Pressure. Atlantium's UV systems are designed with an optical amplification mechanism which recycles UV photons within a quartz-made disinfection chamber making them even more power-efficient than Low Pressure Systems. 

The core of the Hydro-Optic Disinfection system is a disinfection chamber made of quartz and surrounded by an air block. This configuration helps trap the UV light’s rays and forces them to repeatedly bounce inside the chamber in a phenomena refer to as ‘Total Internal Reflection’. The ray’s long path inside the chamber combined with optimally engineered flow of water in a controlled, defined pattern, creates a uniform UV dose distribution that reaches and inactivates microorganisms throughout all the water running through the chamber. This id one of the key elements to attaining high levels of microbial inactivation at efficiency elecrival consumption.