NVI Type Approval


Atlantium receives final type approval from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI).




NVI 2016 Fish Health Report


What is water transmittance (UVT)?

UVT is an indicator of water quality, designating the percentage of light which passes a given distance through water (usually through either 1, 5 or 10 cm). In the example below, 90% of L1 was received after crossing 1 cm of water, which corresponds to a 90% UVT.

The UVT will be different depending on the water source, season of year, and even production stage. UVT greatly affects the UV dose, and consequently the type and size of the UV system. In many cases the UVT will be actually a range (e.g. 70-96%) which the UV system will need to take into account.

When deciding upon a UV system, ensure that UVT is measured on-line and in real time by either add-on or integrated UVT sensor. Do not relay on a fixed,preset, value which is entered to the system upon activation of the system since the UVT changes dramatically over time. lean more about how UVT is related to the sustainable operation of your UV system here.